World Group II Play-off

16 Jul - 17 Jul 2011, Bourbon Beans Dome, Hyogo, Japan, Hard, Indoor

Team nominations

    • Ayumi MORITA
    • Date of birth:  11 Mar 1990
    • Singles ranking:  788
    • Doubles ranking: 
    • Misaki DOI
    • Date of birth:  29 Apr 1991
    • Singles ranking:  54
    • Doubles ranking:  178
    • Kurumi NARA
    • Date of birth:  30 Dec 1991
    • Singles ranking:  82
    • Doubles ranking:  131
    • Rika FUJIWARA
    • Date of birth:  19 Sep 1981
    • Singles ranking: 
    • Doubles ranking:  494
  • Captain Takeshi MURAKAMI
    • Maria IRIGOYEN
    • Date of birth:  24 Jun 1987
    • Singles ranking:  202
    • Doubles ranking:  66
    • Mailen AUROUX
    • Date of birth:  25 Jul 1988
    • Singles ranking: 
    • Doubles ranking: 
    • Aranza SALUT
    • Date of birth:  12 Jul 1991
    • Singles ranking: 
    • Doubles ranking: 
    • Vanesa FURLANETTO
    • Date of birth:  19 Feb 1987
    • Singles ranking:  742
    • Doubles ranking:  785=
  • Captain Bettina FULCO

News from the tie


  • The Japanese team
  • Mailen Auroux and Maria Irigoyen (ARG)
  • Rika Fujiwara (JPN)
  • Japanese fans
  • The 2012 Fed Cup draw
  • Aranza Salut (ARG)
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • The Japanese team
  • The Japanese team
  • The Japanese team
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Mailen Auroux (ARG) and Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Mailen Auroux and Bettina Fulco (ARG)
  • Maria Irigoyen (ARG)
  • Misaki Doi (JPN)
  • Misaki Doi (JPN)
  • Misaki Doi (JPN)
  • The draw
  • The draw
  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN) and ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti
  • Ayumi Morita (JPN)
  • Tie Summary

    The ITF announced on 21 March that, due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, this tie would be postponed until 16-17 July.

    “In light of these dreadful and exceptional circumstances, we felt it was important to give the JTA the opportunity still to host the tie and for Fed Cup to play its very small part in the healing process of a nation. We are grateful to both nations, Japan and Argentina, for their cooperation," said ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti.

    Argentina is looking to win a fourth consecutive tie against Japan. The two nations are level with three wins each in previous match-ups, but it is the South American side which has had the best of recent clashes.

    Both nations earned their place in the World Group II play-offs following successful zonal campaigns. Argentina is looking to bounce straight back into World Group II after being relegated by Canada at the same stage of the competition last year.

    Japan dropped out of World Group II in 2009 and failed to earn immediate promotion after losing to Slovenia in last year’s World Group II play-offs.
  • All-time head to head

    4 Total 4
    All-time head to head record

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