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Nation Records

  • Longest Run of Wins by a Nation – by ties

    USA dominated the Fed Cup competition between 1976 and 1982, triumphing for seven straight years and winning 37 consecutive ties, more than any other nation in the competition’s history. Its loss to Czechoslovakia in the 1983 semifinals was part of Czechoslovakia’s 19-tie winning streak, the second longest in the competition.

    NationNo. of WinsVictory at Start of StreakDefeat at End of Streak
    USA37*USA d. ISR 3-0 (FC-1R) August 1976CZE d. USA 2-0 (FC-SF) July 1983
    Czechoslovakia19CZE d. PER 3-0 (FC-1R) July 1983USA d. CZE 3-0 (FC-F) July 1986
    Spain15ESP d. GBR 3-0 (FC-1R) July 1993USA d. ESP 5-0 (WG-F) September 1996
    * not including victory by walkover against Philippines (FC-1R), April 1979
  • Longest Run of Wins by Nation – by rubbers

    USA accomplished the longest winning run of Fed Cup rubbers between November 1978 and July 1983, winning an impressive 64 successive rubbers. USA’s run of wins extended from the second rubber of its 1978 Final tie against Australia, up to and including the third rubber of its 1983 second round tie against Sweden.

    NationNo. of WinsVictory at Start of StreakDefeat at End of Streak
    USA64R2 v AUS (FC-F) November 1978R3 v SWE (FC-2R) July 1983
    Australia23R1 v CZE (FC-2R) May 1970R1 v GBR (FC-SF) March 1972
    USA21R3 v SWE (FC-2R) December 1988R2 v CZE (FC-QF) July 1990
  • Elimination of Defending Champion in Opening Round

    Four defending champions have lost their opening Fed Cup tie. However, to date no defending champion has been relegated from the World Group the year after its success.

    1993Germanylost to Australia
    1997USAlost to Netherlands
    1999Spainlost to Italy
    2006Russialost to Belgium
    Note: Czechoslovakia, in 1976, and USA, in 2001, did not defend their titles.
  • Elimination of Previous Year's Finalist in Opening Round

    2013 marked the 11th occasion in Fed Cup history that the previous year’s runner-up had lost in the opening round.

    1997Spainlost to Belgium
    1998Netherlands*lost to USA
    1999Switzerlandlost to Slovak Republic
    2000Russialost to France
    2002Russialost to Germany
    2006Francelost to France
    2007Belgiumlost to USA
    2008Italylost to Spain
    2009Spainlost to Czech Republic
    2011USA*lost to Belgium
    2013Serbialost to Slovak Republic
    * subsequently relegated after losing play-off tie
  • Elimination of Both Previous Year's Finalists in Opening Round

    On three occasions, both the defending champion and the previous year’s runner-up have lost their opening Fed Cup ties:

    1997Champion USA lost to NetherlandsRunner-up Spain lost to Belgium
    1999Champion Spain lost to ItalyRunner-up Switzerland lost to Slovak Republic
    2006Champion Russia lost to BelgiumRunner-up France lost to Italy
  • Nations that Achieved 0-2 comebacks

    There have been six comebacks from 0-2 down since the best of five format was adopted for Fed Cup World Group matches in 1995.

    1996 World Group II Play-off First Round, Australia defeated Canada 3-2 in Canada
    Rene SIMPSON (CAN) d. Nicole BRADTKE (AUS) 36 63 63
    Patricia HY-BOULAIS (CAN) d. Rachel MCQUILLAN (AUS) 62 75
    Nicole BRADTKE (AUS) d. Patricia HY-BOULAIS (CAN) 63 36 62
    Rachel MCQUILLAN (AUS) d. Rene SIMPSON (CAN) 63 64
    Nicole BRADTKE/Rachel MCQUILLAN (AUS) d. Jill HETHERINGTON/Rene SIMPSON (CAN) 46 63 60

    1999 World Group II Main Draw First Round, Austria defeated Australia 3-2 in Austria
    Jelena DOKIC (AUS) d. Barbara SCHETT (AUT) 63 57 64
    Alicia MOLIK (AUS) d. Sylvia PLISCHKE (AUT) 57 61 75
    Barbara SCHETT (AUT) d. Alicia MOLIK (AUS) 61 61
    Barbara SCHWARTZ (AUT) d. Jelena DOKIC (AUS) 16 62 64
    Barbara SCHETT/Barbara SCHWARTZ (AUT) d. Alicia MOLIK/Rennae STUBBS (AUS) 63 63

    2004 World Group Second Round, Spain defeated Belgium 3-2 in Spain
    Kirsten FLIPKENS (BEL) d. Anabel MEDINA GARRIGUES (ESP) 76(5) 16 62
    Els CALLENS (BEL) d. Virginia RUANO PASCUAL (ESP) 26 64 119
    Anabel MEDINA GARRIGUES (ESP) d. Els CALLENS (BEL) 64 60
    Maria SANCHEZ LORENZO (ESP) d. Kirsten FLIPKENS (BEL) 63 64

    2011 World Group First Round, Russia defeated France 3-2 in Russia
    Alize CORNET (FRA) d. Svetlana KUZNETSOVA (RUS) 36 63 64
    Virginie RAZZANO (FRA) d. Maria SHARAPOVA (RUS) 63 64
    Anastasia PAVLYUCHENKOVA (RUS) d. Alize CORNET (FRA) 36 63 62
    Svetlana KUZNETSOVA (RUS) d. Virginie RAZZANO (FRA) 64 64
    Svetlana KUZNETSOVA/Anastasia PAVLYUCHENKOVA (RUS) d. Julie COIN/Alize CORNET (FRA) 76(4) 60

    2013 World Group II Main Draw First Round, Sweden defeated Argentina 3-2 in Argentina
    Paula ORMAECHEA (ARG) d. Johanna LARSSON (SWE) 63 60
    Florencia MOLINERO (ARG) d. Sofia ARVIDSSON (SWE) 63 26 61
    Sofia ARVIDSSON (SWE) d. Paula ORMAECHEA (ARG) 75 67(6) 32
    Johanna LARSSON (SWE) d. Florencia MOLINERO (ARG) 63 62
    Sofia ARVIDSSON/Johanna LARSSON (SWE) d. Maria IRIGOYEN/Mailen AUROUX (ARG) 64 64

    2013 World Group Semifinal, Russia defeated Slovakia 3-2 in Russia
    Dominika CIBULKOVA (SVK) d. Anastasia PAVLYUCHENKOVA (RUS) 57 61 64
    Daniela HANTUCHOVA (SVK) d. Maria KIRILENKO (RUS) 62 64
    Maria KIRILENKO (RUS) d. Dominika CIBULKOVA (SVK) 75 61
    Ekaterina MAKAROVA (RUS) d. Daniela HANTUCHOVA (SVK) 63 46 64
    Ekaterina MAKAROVA/Elena VESNINA (RUS) d. Dominika CIBULKOVA/Daniela HANTUCHOVA (SVK) 46 63 61

  • Best Performance by Unseeded Nations in World Group

    In 2012 Serbia became the seventh unseeded nation to reach the Fed Cup Final, after Australia (1993), Netherlands (1997), Russia (1999), both Belgium and Italy in 2006, and Spain (2008). Italy is the only unseeded nation to win the Fed Cup, doing so when defeating Belgium 3-2 in the 2006 Final.

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